My husband was turning 30, so I turned to the internet for “Friends” party ideas. To my amazement there were not many ideas out there on the internet, so I have decided to share my party ideas with everyone that loves the TV show “Friends” as much as I do.

Here is how I hosted a “Friends” party.

First of all there are so many great “Friends” episodes, so I decided to go with season 5 episode 18 “The one Chandler Smokes again” to start my party theme. This episode includes Monica and Phoebe hosting surprise party for Rachel. Monica plans the entire party, but allows Phoebe to be in charge of the cups and ice. This episode was the start of my party, but I would include many things from the entire series.

“Monica will rue the day she put me in charge of cups and ice.” Phoebe

Our decor started with Phoebe’s cups and ice, so I made cup banners, cup hats, cup lights, and of course the cup.

Of course we had to have the 3 kinds of ice: crushed, cubed, and dried ice.

And to continue our cup theme, I made cup and ice party favors. The favors were shot solo cups and Ice Cube gum (Dentyne gum).

I also decided to incorporate more cups by using them to display names at the table setting. The menu mainly consisted of food from the many different episodes.

Episode The one with all the candy

  The one with the Breast Milk &

The one with Phoebe’s Cookies

 The one where underdog gets away

 The one with the Ride Along

 The one with the Jam

 The one where Ross got High

You cannot have a “Friends” party without Foosball, so we decided to have a foosball tournament and whoever won the tournament got the Geller Cup.

 The one with the football

All “Friends” parties also need to have the Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross present. But I could not afford to pay each actor to make an appearance, so I purchased Big Heads of each of the Friends Characters. That way the guest could take a selfie with each character.

I made the photo booth background with a plastic table-cloth and created the banner by using Gabriel Weiss font. This font can be found on the internet and was used throughout the party including invitations.

Then I made quotes from different episodes to be used in the selfie photo booth too.

 The one where old yeller dies

 Smelly cat lyrics

 How you doin?

The rest of the props for the photo booth were purchased the Dollar Tree or handmade.

And during the party we had “Friends” on continuous play through Netflix, so we wouldn’t have to switch out the DVDs.

I hope this gave you several ideas on how to create a “Friends” party to enjoy with your friends.